Elizabeth Avila

Legal Intern

Elizabeth graduated from Utica College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Politics in 2017. She is fluent in Spanish and is dedicated to helping the Hispanic community. She worked as a Worker’s Compensation Paralegal for two years before attending the University of Dayton School of Law. She is currently a 3L at the University of Dayton School of Law and will be practicing in the Connecticut area upon her graduation.

Elizabeth is passionate about immigration law and strives to make a positive impact in people’s lives. As a child of immigrant parents, she has seen firsthand how difficult it is to leave everything behind and live in constant fear of deportation. Her parents had to leave their two older children back in Ecuador when they were just babies. All they cared about was making enough money to maintain their family. They came to the United States without knowing the language or having a job, but they never lost hope that things would get better.

Elizabeth is a first-generation college student born in the United States. She is grateful for all of the opportunities she has been blessed with and wants to give back to her community. Elizabeth wants to be a voice for those who are too afraid to speak up for themselves and wants to let others in similar situations know that they are not alone. Elizabeth cares about every client and seeks to ensure that they know that they can always count on her during these difficult times.