Laura Lemieux


Laura brings more than two and a half decades of invaluable experience to the world of real estate as a seasoned paralegal. Her extensive career is marked by not only her professional expertise but also her unwavering commitment to community involvement. With over 25 years of dedicated service in the field of real estate, Laura has honed her skills and knowledge to become a true authority in her profession. Her experience, coupled with her dedication, has made her an indispensable asset to her clients and colleagues alike.

Laura’s commitment to the legal community goes beyond her paralegal duties. She has served on the Connecticut Bar Association Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Faculty for Residential Real Estate Transactions. Through her role as an educator, she has shared her wealth of knowledge, helping shape the next generation of legal professionals. Laura is not only passionate about law but also about her community. Her role as the Membership Services representative for the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce demonstrates her dedication to supporting and promoting local businesses. She understands the vital role that these businesses play in the vibrancy and growth of her community. Laura is also an active member of the Litchfield County Legal Professionals Association, where she connects with fellow legal professionals, stays updated on industry trends, and contributes to the legal community’s growth and development. Her years of experience, commitment to education, and passion for local businesses make her a true asset to The Law Offices of James A. Welcome and the legal profession as a whole.