Leydy Pimentel

Legal Assistant

Leydy was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to New York when she was eleven years old. Leydy graduated from Monroe College NY with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 2016. She became interested in pursuing housing because she did not know her own personal housing rights when her family went through an eviction and domestic violence situation. She was intrigued to help those who lacked knowledge on certain subjects. She became a community organizer (housing) at VISTA Americorps at CASA- new settlement apartments in the Bronx and wanted to look into the law a little more deeply. She started to look into legal service positions and jobs and got hired in 2017 as a housing paralegal at NMIC legal services (nonprofit in the city of NY and the BX) and worked there for 5 years. She loves supporting vulnerable people who don’t have a voice, especially the immigrant community.