Odaliz Aquino Calderon

Legal Assistant

Odaliz Aquino Calderon is a dynamic individual, hailing from the vibrant community of South Los Angeles, California. As a proud Mexican-American and a first-generation graduate, she has achieved several milestones in her academic and professional journey.

At the University of New Haven, Odaliz pursued her passion for global security by studying National Security with a focused concentration in International Law and Justice. To complement her major, she also pursued a minor in Criminal Justice, recognizing the significance of understanding the intricacies of the legal system in ensuring safety and stability.

Odaliz’s linguistic abilities are equally impressive, as she is fluent in both Spanish and English, allowing her to bridge cultures and communicate effectively with diverse communities. Additionally, she has dedicated time to learning American Sign Language, making her intermediate in this inclusive mode of communication. In her pursuit of broadening her horizons, Odaliz devotes her free time to mastering two challenging languages, Russian and Arabic. Her goal is to become fluent in these languages.

Odaliz Aquino Calderon embodies the values of our firm and is ready to help our clients.