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Immigration Reform 2014: Where the Bill Stands Now
Immigration Reform 2014: Where the Bill Stands Now

President Obama has announced a reform to the immigration bill that could mean good news for the 5 million or more undocumented workers that are at risk or are in the midst of getting deported. The reforms will allow these individuals who work in good faith and are in good ...

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Blog Posts in 2014

  • Attorney Welcome Gets His Client Offered Compromise in a Reduced Sentence

    In 2007, a woman from Ansonia, Connecticut was arrested during a sting operation when she accompanied four men during a burglary. On the night of the ...

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  • Georgia Immigration Attorney Denied Motion for Postponement Despite Giving Birth to Child

    In the judicial system of the United States, there are many good reasons why a court case may need a delay or postponement. Apparently, an Atlanta, ...

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  • Connecticut Drivers: The Best in America?

    Not exactly, but we are in the top ten! According to a study done by Car Insurance Comparison, which listed states by the worst drivers, Connecticut ...

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  • When Deportation Separates Parents From Their Kids: Resources For Undocumented Parents Seeking To Protect Their Rights

    When a parent gets detained or deported, it is not just the parent that suffers. There are over 5,000 children in foster care in the United States ...

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  • Immigration Reform: Shying Away From the Big Problems

    Let us not forget; in June 2013, the U.S. Senate voted by a large margin to pass a bill for immigration reform to solve one of the major problems ...

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  • Department of Homeland Security Deports 370,000 People in 2013

    BY ATTORNEY JAMES A. WELCOME The number of non-U.S. Citizens removed from the United States dropped in 2013 from the all-time high of nearly 410,000 ...

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  • Only an Experienced Lawyer Should Handle Your Immigration Case

    It Takes Patience, Persistence, and Experience to Win an Immigration Case—and James A. Welcome Has All Three Your immigration status is not something ...

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  • What Disability Benefits Are You Entitled when You File for Workers Compensation Benefits in Connecticut?

    Say you’ve been severely injured on the job in CT, should you file a worker’s compensation claim? Filing a worker’s compensation claim can seem like a ...

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  • Is using a hands-free device while driving really any safer?

    Technology is increasingly becoming more convenient and easy to use. Most new technologies make our lives easier when used appropriately, such as ...

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