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Wills: What You Need To Know

Wills: What You Need To Know

Probate Process Can Be Lengthy Without A Will

Your estate will go into probate with or without a will. Having a will can help speed up such processes and make the court aware of how you will like your estate divided. Unfortunately, dying without a will can cause this process to be lengthy and the courts will divide up your assets as they seem fit, without your wishes at hand. Your will stands as your last testament on how you will like your most valued assets allocated across family members, charities, or friends.

You Can Disinherit Those That Would Possibly Benefit From You Not Having A Will

When your estate goes to probate without a will, the courts will select those who would possibly inherit that you would otherwise not want to inherit your estate. Having a will allows you the freedom to disinherit those you deem necessary at your own desire. Without a will your estate may lie in the hands of someone you would never want in the first place like a former ex or family member. Wills keep your wishes at the forefront when in probate.

You Decide Who Will Execute Your Will

The responsibility of ensuring all your affairs are in order and all your debts have been paid lies in the hands of you executors. Because this role is essential to ensuring your estate is managed after your passing you should choose someone that you have the strongest relationship with. In many cases this may not be your family member. You may choose to pick an attorney or close friend to execute your will.

Help Avoid Legal Battles For Your Estate

If your estate falls in the hands of the wrong person, a long, costly legal battle may ensue because of it. Therefore ensuring that your estate is allocated to your desires will ensure that no estranged family member or ex will inherit your assets. In some cases a large sum may be allocated to an estranged family member that court deems as appropriate. Without a will, your wishes will not be executed on.

Death Is Part of Life

Accepting that death is part of life and simply avoiding thinking about it will not be sufficient. Life is never promised and ensuring that your assets are in order before your death is important to keeping your legacy and intent alive. Don’t let family members be burdened by an already emotional process. A Will is an inexpensive process that can always be amended as time progresses.

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