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Can My Driving Record Affect My Car Accident Injury Claim?

Posted on 08/04/23

If you’re filing a claim with an insurance company for your injuries after a car crash, can the insurance company use your driving record against your injury claim? Technically, yes, an insurance company can attempt to deny an insurance claim if they find you have a pattern of poor driving on your record. However, you

Top Driving Tips To Avoid Summer Car Accidents in Connecticut

Posted on 07/21/23

Summer is here, and the open road beckons. The summer months are a peak time for vacations, trips to the beach, family visits — and car accidents. While it’s true that statistically, higher road congestion leads to more vehicle crashes,  summer car accidents can be prevented. Check out our five summer driving tips. 1. Stay

How Pain and Suffering is Determined After a Car Crash in CT

Posted on 07/19/23

  As a car accident victim in Connecticut, you may expect reimbursement for medical expenses, missed days at work, and other tangible accident-related costs. Another, and often larger, part of your settlement will depend on compensation for pain and suffering. So what counts as pain and suffering after a car crash in Connecticut, and what