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How the Deportation and Removal Process Works

Posted on 03/17/23

Facing deportation is a frightening and isolating process. Understanding how circumstances of deportation can help you prepare to defend yourself or your loved one’s case.   A deportation order can be a harrowing experience, but immigrants may often assume it is final. Fortunately, immigrants in the United States have the right to an attorney, a hearing,

With Title-42 Ending in May, Biden Considering Detaining Migrant Families 

Posted on 03/13/23

With Title-42 phasing out in May, the Biden administration is weighing other options to deter immigration. With the higher influx of migrants expected, the administration may consider detaining migrant families who enter the United States illegally. Although not officially announced, this proposal would cause undue harm to migrant families. Over three years, the United States

My Relative Faces Deportation in Connecticut, What Can I Do?

Posted on 03/10/23

The concept of deportation is frightening, isolating, and overwhelming. If one of your loved ones faces deportation, contact a Connecticut immigration attorney to discuss your options.  One minor run-in with the law, even for individuals with green cards, can place deportation on the table. Deportation would mean stripping them from their job, home, family, friends,