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How Long for Immigrants to Remove Residential Conditions?

Posted on 05/22/23

If you’ve recently married a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you probably want to cut through the red tape and start your married life together as soon as possible. But that’s not always how the U.S. immigration system works. What Is Conditional Resident Status? The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will first issue

5 Key Steps to Building a Case for Immigration in Connecticut

Posted on 05/19/23

Immigrating to the United States poses many exciting opportunities. Maybe you want to access better job opportunities and resources for your family, live closer to loved ones, or experience the benefits that make up the American Dream. Whatever your reason, you will need to take measures to build a successful immigration case.  The immigration process

Top Challenges Facing Connecticut Immigrants Today

Posted on 05/17/23

Immigrating to the United States isn’t easy, and unfortunately, some challenges continue even after obtaining permanent resident status. Immigrants often face difficulties due to discrimination, lack of resources, and misinformation about immigrants’ rights.  Working with an experienced immigration attorney can help you overcome these top challenges facing Connecticut immigrants today.  Challenge #1: Accessing Healthcare Immigrants