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Supreme Court Allows Title 42 To Continue For Now

Posted on 12/27/22

The Trump-era rule that has been used by the Biden administration over a million times has prevented asylum seekers from entering the United States under “public health” concerns. In March 2020, the program was enacted to prevent the spread of Covid by denying entry to migrants. Although its earliest intention was somewhat understandable during the

TPS For Haitian Immigrants Extended into 2024

Posted on 12/09/22

The Biden administration announced plans to expand the eligibility of Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Haitian migrants. The humanitarian crises in Haiti coupled with a corrupt government only emboldened the U.S. stance to promote its commitment to helping Haitian immigrants. Since the 1990s, TPS has protected millions of immigrants who have been unable to return

Biden’s Immigration Enforcement Priorities Face the Judgment of the Supreme Court

Posted on 12/01/22

Synopsis The first immigration case on the Supreme Court’s docket will have significant implications for the Biden administration and its discretion on removing undocumented immigrants. Earlier this year, a federal court sided in favor of Texas’s challenge to the DHS’s 2021 “Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law” and effectively nullified its implementation. The