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First Woman Confirmed By U.S. Senate to Head USCIS

Posted on 08/11/21

The United States Senate has confirmed its first United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Director since 2019. Ur Jaddou will helm one of the largest agencies that fall under the Department of Homeland Security’s apparatus. Jaddou’s senate confirmation was 47-34, filling an essential immigration position that remained in command of acting directors for years. As

Biden Falls Back on Trump-Era Policy That Makes Migrants Ineligible For Entry Over Covid Concerns

Posted on 08/11/21

The Biden Administration is indefinitely extending a Trump-era policy that grants the United States Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency the ability to promptly deport migrants and asylum seekers back to their country of last transit or origin. Amid the rapid spread of new and more contagious Covid-19 variants and the accelerated insurgence

DHS Extends Haitian TPS Registration Until February 3, 2023

Posted on 08/06/21

President Biden is making changes to the Haitian immigration policy. Following weeks of unrest in Haiti and Democratic lawmakers advocating for the Biden administration to quale the deportation of Haitians, DHS is moving forward with plans to extend the registration timeline for Temporary Protected Status. DHS Secretary Mayorkas announced that the designation would allow hundreds