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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries 

Posted on 05/18/22

Connecticut has seen an increase in the number of motorcycle accident fatalities and injuries. Accidents on motorbikes can be devastating, and the injuries can leave a permanent impact. Riding a motorcycle surely feels great and surging through the air on two wheels could give a feeling of excitement and freedom. However, it’s crucial that you

Important Connecticut Motorcycle Laws

Posted on 09/20/21

Being in a motorcycle accident can be incredibly frightening and leave you suffering from serious injuries. If you’re going to ride a motorcycle, it’s essential that you stay up to date on all of the rules and regulations in whichever state you’re currently riding. The last thing you need is to inadvertently break a driving

Motorcycle Safety This Fall

Posted on 10/06/20

Your safety is always our priority. We want you to keep doing what you love. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating for all parties involved. Without the safety equipment that is typically involved in truck and car accidents, motorcycle drivers have little to no protection. Motorcycle accident cases can be severe and injuries can be extensive.