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Do I Need a Dash Cam in My Vehicle in Connecticut?

Posted on 05/29/23

Many drivers and car owners these days install dash cams in their vehicles. Should you buy one as well, or is this just another fad? A mounted dash cam can be a great investment in your and your family’s road safety. Here are five great reasons to buy a dash cam in Connecticut. What Is

5 Common Car Accident Injuries and How To Respond to Them

Posted on 05/26/23

Car accidents often cause serious and even catastrophic injuries. Knowing what to do after a crash can help minimize the long-term consequences of your injuries and may increase your prospects of successful recovery. Common Injuries in Connecticut Car Accidents Here are five car accident injuries we frequently see in our practice: Neck injuries. Neck injuries, and

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Posted on 05/09/23

If you’re facing criminal charges as an immigrant, you must understand the potential consequences of a conviction. In some instances, a criminal conviction could make you deportable under U.S. law. It could also lead to other collateral consequences impacting your immigration status.  Learn what you need to know about criminal convictions and immigrants. Then contact