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Supreme Court Deals Blow To Biden on Trump-Era Remain In Mexico Policy

In a 6-3 ruling, the United States Supreme Court denied the Biden Administration’s request to stay a Texas district court ruling that requires the administration reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols program. The controversial policy demands a standard that would obligate asylum seekers to await their court appearance in Mexico rather than the United States. Over

ICE To Halt Most Arrests and Deportations For Victims of Crimes Under New Policy

Posted on 08/16/21

Last week the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) announced an updated policy guided toward welcoming dialogue between individuals who have been victims of crimes and ICE officers. The announcement illuminates the administration’s stance when it comes to ICE agents and their confrontations with victims of crime. The new policy will prohibit most deportations and

First Woman Confirmed By U.S. Senate to Head USCIS

Posted on 08/11/21

The United States Senate has confirmed its first United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Director since 2019. Ur Jaddou will helm one of the largest agencies that fall under the Department of Homeland Security’s apparatus. Jaddou’s senate confirmation was 47-34, filling an essential immigration position that remained in command of acting directors for years. As