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Process of Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Connecticut

Posted on 05/02/19

By Connecticut law, all employers with at least one employee need to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to cover their damages in case of a work-related accident. If they do not have workers’ comp coverage for their workers, then an employer must work with the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) to prove they are

How Your Work-Related Injury Might Affect You

Posted on 03/20/19

Dealing with an injury you suffered at work can be a stressful ordeal. From managing your pain symptoms to rehabilitating your injuries, your daily routine can be substantially impacted by a work-related injury. Unfortunately, some injured workers end up with post-injury symptoms that affect their quality of health for the rest of their lives. Although

From Home to Work to the Hospital

Posted on 03/27/15

According to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 3 million work related injuries and illnesses per year in the private sector. Some of those injuries and illnesses are reported from employees you would not think of. For example, health-care workers are classified among the highest employees that experience a high rate