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Biden’s Immigration Enforcement Priorities Face the Judgment of the Supreme Court

Posted on 12/01/22

Synopsis The first immigration case on the Supreme Court’s docket will have significant implications for the Biden administration and its discretion on removing undocumented immigrants. Earlier this year, a federal court sided in favor of Texas’s challenge to the DHS’s 2021 “Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law” and effectively nullified its implementation. The

What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Connecticut?

Posted on 11/15/22

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in car accidents. While some of these accidents are due to weather or mechanical problems, many are the result of dangerous road conditions. Unfortunately, Connecticut is no stranger to dangerous roads. From poorly maintained streets to congested highways, there are a number of dangers that drivers

Halloween Safety Tips

Posted on 10/26/22

Halloween is a time for children to express themselves with elaborate costumes and indulge in their favorite sweets. Although Halloween is meant to be all-around fun, we have some tips that you and your trick-or-treaters should keep in mind. Why not end the night on a high note while staying cautious at the same time?