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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries 

Posted on 05/18/22

Connecticut has seen an increase in the number of motorcycle accident fatalities and injuries. Accidents on motorbikes can be devastating, and the injuries can leave a permanent impact. Riding a motorcycle surely feels great and surging through the air on two wheels could give a feeling of excitement and freedom. However, it’s crucial that you

Is it Difficult to Prove a Brain Injury?

Posted on 04/29/22

A brain injury can arise from many different types of accidents in Waterbury, including motor vehicle collisions and slip and falls. While some brain injuries have obvious and recognizable symptoms, others can be more difficult to prove. This is especially true in a case involving a mild brain injury or one that does not appear

How Much Is a Brain Injury Case Worth?

Posted on 04/29/22

A brain injury is typically referred to as a catastrophic injury, as it affects one of the most important parts of the body. Depending on its severity, a traumatic brain injury can impact a victim for life. For this reason, brain injury lawsuits in Connecticut are often worth a significant amount to allow the victim