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Biden Increases Refugee Cap By Nearly 400% But Likely Will Not Meet Cap

Posted on 05/06/21

In a recently released statement issued by the White House, President Biden has signaled that the nation’s annual refugee intake will dramatically increase to 62,500, fulfilling a campaign promise and “reasserting American leadership and American values when it comes to refugee admissions.” Biden faced backlash in the weeks leading up to the decision as he

Bush Takes Aim at “Isolationist” GOP on Immigration while Biden Slashes Dehumanizing Language From U.S. Immigration Agencies

Posted on 04/29/21

The way immigrants are regarded by Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials will be changing. In an effort to scrap the Trump administration’s hardline immigration stances and demeaning terminology used to dehumanize immigrants, the Biden administration is updating the way federally funded immigration agencies regard immigrants. A series of memos released