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  • Pedestrian Struck: $500,000.00
    Mother and Young Son Hit by Reckless Driver

    Liliana March was crossing the street in Danbury with her five-year-old son, Cristian, when she was hit by a reckless driver. The car was coming at them very fast at the time she first saw it. Instinctively, she tried to push her son out of the way of the oncoming speeding car. Unfortunately, the car hit both Liliana and Cristian, with Liliana suffering significant injuries. Cristian was bruised and suffered a broken leg. Liliana suffered severe injuries, including two broken arms, multiple fractures in her face, severe back pain and PTSD.

    Liliana’s father, who speaks Spanish only, contacted Attorney Welcome. They spoke about the accident and Attorney Welcome immediately went to the hospital to see Liliana and Cristian. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for reckless driving. Liliana and Cristian spent many months rehabilitating. Cristian missed some time from school. Fortunately for Liliana, her family was able to step in and help her through the worst times.

    After settling their accident claim for the highest available policy limits both Liliana and Cristian are healthy and happy to have had the assistance of Attorney Welcome and his staff during their most difficult moments.

  • Pedestrian Struck: $1.45 Million
    Pedestrian Struck by Inattentive Driver

    Sharon Williams is a young, single mother, National Guard veteran and current medical office assistant who was severely injured by an inattentive driver while crossing the street in Norwalk. At the time that she was struck, she was walking legally in a crosswalk on her way to work.

    Ms. Williams suffered severe cervical spine bruising, which resulted in her loss of feeling in her hands and fingertips. She called Attorney Welcome, who immediately went to visit her in Bridgeport’s intensive care unit. She was told by the staff at Bridgeport Hospital that she could not leave the hospital with such a severe injury and that she would have to call family to arrange for her young son to be picked up from daycare. She asked Attorney Welcome to speak with the medical staff and to help explain to the family what had just occurred and what could be expected going forward.

    The following day, Ms. Williams underwent emergency decompression surgery on her cervical spine. Prior to her life-changing injury, she routinely walked four miles per day. She started her road to recovery with two months in Gaylord Rehabilitation Center. All throughout her recovery from emergency surgery, Ms. Williams could not leave her apartment without supervision. Her doctors feared that if she slipped and fell and hurt her neck, she was at risk of instant death. So, Attorney Welcome and staff would often go to visit Ms. Williams and her family to check in and to review necessary documents with her.

    Today, Ms. Williams is in positive spirits about her future and she has a goal of not only walking four miles per day again, but of one day sending pictures to Attorney Welcome of her “zip-lining” in Brownstone Park with her two sons.

  • Insurance Settlement: $1,000,000
    Personal Injury Case Result $1,000,000 lump sum payment (insurance limits) by jury trial.
  • Worker Injury: $50,000 per year
    Workers' Compensation Case Result $50,000 per year for life provided by former employer. Judge ruling.
  • Worker Injury: $990,000.00
    Worker Injured on the Job

    Robert Judge was a quality control inspector of high precision parts at a local parts manufacturer in Torrington. His job required much lifting and bending. One day, after decades of injury-free work, he bent over to lift a package of parts and hurt his back. He immediately felt a sharp pain from his back all the way down his leg. He sought medical treatment after reporting his injury to his work supervisor.

    As often happens with workers over the age of 45, the insurance company tried to claim that the back injury was not that serious and that Mr. Judge did not hurt his back at work. They even tried to say that he had “degeneration” in his lower back—a common insurance company claim that is used to deny payment on claims.

    So, Mr. Judge contacted Attorney Welcome’s office and he immediately filed a workers compensation claim against the company. Mr. Judge was diagnosed with a severe disk herniation in his lower lumbar spine. He required two lumbar disk fusions.

    He is now retired after settling his workers’ compensation case and spends hours on his hobbies and spends time with his grandchildren. He often sends Attorney Welcome pictures of the rare salt-water fish in his fish tanks and has promised to give his top-secret clam chowder recipe to Attorney Welcome someday.

  • Head-On Collision: $300,000.00
    Head-On Collision With Drunk Driver

    Keith Kendricks was hit head-on by a drunk driver while driving his classic Ford F-150 pick-up truck in Southbury. Keith was a handy-man and he needed his truck for the jobs that he was doing for his customers. Keith was also a very skilled auto body technician and mechanic. He spent countless hours on his truck to get it running reliably and looking great. He was hit head on by a driver who had just had five beers at the golf course just before getting behind the wheel of his car. At first, the insurance company tried to low-ball Keith because he had a “pre-existing injury.” So, Keith contacted Attorney James Welcome to help him fight his insurance claim. After brief conversations with the insurance company, Attorney Welcome immediately filed a lawsuit in Connecticut Court against the driver. Keith underwent lumbar spine surgery following the accident. He still suffers from PTSD and often dreams of seeing the vehicle that hit him head-on racing at him after crossing the yellow line. Keith was able to settle his claim for the available insurance limits after Attorney Welcome filed the lawsuit claim against the driver of the vehicle and his insurance company. While still not able to work at the same capacity as he could before the accident, Keith is happy to be alive and is working hard at improving his quality of life. Keith still occasionally sends Attorney Welcome pictures of the classic vehicles and bikes that he works on.

  • Worker Injury: $150,000.00
    Shoulder Injury Sustained While at Work

    Jose Peguro worked at a local warehouse stocking pallets and shelves. He is a young man that prides himself on his hard work. One afternoon, he was transferring heavy boxes from a wooden pallet to a shelf when he felt a pull and heard a loud “pop” in his shoulder. He tried to lift the next box, but he knew that he had an injured shoulder as he could barely lift his arm. He reported his injury to his supervisor and they did not believe him. He knew that he needed an attorney and he knew that he needed an attorney that speaks English and Spanish.

    So, he called Attorney Welcome who advised him to get medical treatment right away. He went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear. He underwent rotator cuff repair surgery and followed his recovery regimen closely. He attempted to return to work but his pain never went away, even after surgery. Any time that he experienced problems with his supervisors at work, he contacted Attorney Welcome who explained to him his rights in the workplace in language that was clear and understandable. Shortly thereafter, Jose underwent his second surgery. Again, he followed the rehabilitation regimen and after many months, he returned to work. Jose’s shoulder is still not at full strength and he likely has a third shoulder surgery in his future.

    His primary goal is getting to work to take care of his family. He reached an agreement recently to settle his workers compensation claim so that he can concentrate on job re-training to enter the job market in an area where he will not need to use his shoulder as much.

  • Dog Bite: $100,000.00
    Mail Carrier Bitten by Large Dog

    Jean Stanton is a mail carrier who was bitten by a pit bull while working her mail route. Ms. Stanton was familiar with this dog as it would bark violently at her anytime she walked near the owner’s house. On the day of the injury, the owner had failed to secure the dog safely. Ms. Stanton suffered a broken wrist and scarring from this attack. She was out of work for a number of weeks and filed a workers compensation claim. However, she knew that workers compensation would not compensate her for the pain and suffering that she experienced from this violent pit bull attack.

    Ms. Stanton contacted the Law Offices of James A. Welcome to see if she had a potential claim against the owner of the dog that failed to secure the unsafe dog. Attorney Welcome immediately assured her that she had the right to bring a claim for injuries and emotional distress from the injuries that resulted from this attack.

    Ms. Stanton worked hard to overcome her fear of being attacked again and is now glad to be back at work. She credits Attorney Welcome and his staff for working hard on her behalf and communicating with her as questions came up regarding medical treatment, settlement, and the intersection of workers compensation law with personal injury insurance claims.

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