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Blog Posts in 2012

  • You Can Donate To The American Red Cross As They Help Connecticut, New York and New Jersey Residents Struggle To Recover From Hurricane Sandy's Destruction Yesterday

    Today, the Governors of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey toured the areas of massive destruction in their respective states. Here in Connecticut, many trees have fallen and 500,000 people are still without power. Connecticut shoreline communities experienced serious flooding. But anyone who has had a chance to see the pictures and videos of the unthinkable destruction on the New Jersey shore ...
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  • Two Weeks To The Election: Major Changes in Immigration Law To Come?

    Obama or Romney? The winner of the upcoming presidential election will have a huge impact on immigration law and policy in the United States. The impetus for this comment comes from the recent reported comments of President Barack Obama here regarding Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2013. Since June of 2011, the President has made incremental changes to the policy and practices of the ...
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  • Rising Medical Costs: Is Connecticut's Minimum Insurance Coverage Enough For Today's Auto Accident Injuries?

    The legal minimum for auto liability insurance for Connecticut residents is $20,000 per person injured in an accident and $40,000 total for all injuries and payments sustained in a single accident. This limit has not changed since the 1990s. As anyone who reads this knows, the cost of medication, hospital visits, x-rays, MRIs, physical therapy and routine evaluations has skyrocketed. So what does ...
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  • Arrested by ICE? Expect to Spend the Night in Massachusetts

    Being arrested and spending the night in a local jail is a disorienting experience in the best of times; imagine what it must be like to be arrested and jailed in a facility a hundred miles away from where you live. That's exactly what happens to undocumented immigrants in Connecticut who are rounded up in raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a federal agency that's not known for ...
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  • When It Comes to Workers' Comp, Always Check with a Lawyer First

    If you have been injured on the job in New Haven or Waterbury—a sprained back from lifting too many heavy boxes, a hand injury caused by a malfunctioning piece of factory equipment, even carpal-tunnel syndrome from typing for hours on end at a computer—you may wonder whether you are technically eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. Are you an undocumented immigrant? A contractor, rather ...
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  • Injured in a Car Accident? You May Be Able to Sue the State

    Most motor vehicle accidents in Connecticut can be attributed to the negligence of one or more drivers. Someone doesn't look into his rear-view mirror before changing lanes; a distracted driver isn't able to apply his brakes in time; a motorist is cut off when the person to his right foolishly attempts to make a left turn. In these cases, if you are not the responsible party, you may be able to ...
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