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Automobile Accidents: Frequently Asked Questions

The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be a tumultuous and frustrating time. If you have never been involved in an accident, you might not know what to do and, unfortunately, given how common these terrible occurrences are, no one can afford to be unprepared.

We compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding automobile accidents to shed some light on these situations. Print out this page and keep a copy of it in your glove box, so you have access to this invaluable information in the event of an accident.

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Continue reading to learn the answers to the most frequently asked auto accident questions:

  1. What should I do after being involved in an auto accident? There are several steps you must take after being involved in a car accident. Call 911, check to see if anyone is injured, obtain the other driver’s information, and take as many pictures as possible. If there were any witnesses, write down their contact information as well. Additionally, even if you were not seriously injured, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.
  1. What kind of auto accidents are the most common? Accidents can be caused by any number of factors, but some are far more common than others. The most common causes of auto accidents include distracted driving, manufacturer errors, and poor road conditions. When people think of distracted driving, they tend to think of cell phone use, but distracted driving covers a vast range of bad habits, including changing the radio station, speaking to a passenger, or daydreaming. Basically, anything that takes your attention away from driving is considered distracting.
  1. What would compensation cover? In the event that your personal injury claim is successful, you will be able to recover compensation for a number of things. In most cases, compensation covers medical bills, missed wages as a result of being unable to work, and pain and suffering.
  1. How should I handle the other party’s insurance company? The other party’s insurance company will not waste any time reaching out to you. It is crucial to avoid engaging in conversation with the insurance adjuster and to not provide anything beyond the basics. You can tell the adjuster where the accident occurred, when it occurred, and what type of car you drive. However, do not talk about your injuries, any medical treatment you are receiving, or how the accident happened.
  1. When is it a good idea to contact a car accident attorney? The sooner you reach out to an attorney, the better. He or she can handle the insurance company for you and begin building a strong case on your behalf to ensure you are able to successfully obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Oftentimes, insurance companies take advantage of injured victims who lack representation. Protect yourself against by hiring an attorney.

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