Frequently Asked Questions About Workers' Compensation

Waterbury Workers' Comp Lawyer

If you have questions about the workers' compensation process, our attorneys from the Law Offices of James A. Welcome can offer the answers you desire. Below is a list of answers to questions we hear most frequently from current and past clients. For those with further questions, we urge you to contact us today.

What exactly is workers' compensation?
Under Connecticut law, employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance to compensate an employee in the event they sustain a work-related injury or develop an illness or condition arising from their line of work. The insurance company will pay out the benefits.

What do I do if I get injured on the job?
Report an injury to your supervision immediately. If it is an illness or condition that developed over a period of time, notify a supervisor upon discovering it is connected to work. Prompt reporting of a workplace injury can allow the process to occur at a quicker pace. If your injury or condition demands it, go seek emergency treatment at a medical facility.

Finally, you need to file out a claim for your injury or condition and submit it to your employer. Our lawyers can help ensure everything is in order. In some instances, an employer or insurance company may attempt to underplay your injury, and our attorneys can work to get adequate coverage for you.

How long do I have to have to file a claim?
The statues of limitations for a claim under state law are one year from the date of an injury and three years from the start of noticeable symptoms of a disease or condition.

How long does it take to process a claim?
No two claims are the same, but it generally can take anywhere from a few days to a month for a claim to be processed.

What benefits does workers' compensation insurance cover?
It can cover the cost of medical care, benefits pertaining to temporary or permanent partial or total disability, job retraining costs, death benefits and recurrence of injury.

My claim was denied, can I appeal? How do I prevent my claim from being denied?
Yes, you can appeal a denied claim. Our firm has the knowledge necessary to help you appeal a denied claim and figure out the exact reasons for a denial. To minimize your chance of a claim denial, it is important to obtain all necessary documentation of your illness and attend all necessary hearings.

Can I be fired for firing a claim?
No, it is against the law for an employer to discriminate or retaliate in any manner against an employee who filed a claim. If you have been fired, please consult with our attorneys to see if there are grounds for a wrongful termination suit.

What can a lawyer do for my workers' compensation case?
The workers' compensation process is complex, and our knowledgeable lawyers can assist you in navigating the process, including the completion of forms and diligent advocacy. In the event your employer disputes your claim, you may need to attend a hearing and provide evidence your claim is related to your job, which our firm can help you do. The value of having an attorney lies in knowing that you will receive fair and just compensation and that no medical expense will come out of your own pocket for a work-related injury.

If you have any further questions about workers' compensation or would like a consultation on your matter, please contact our firm today. Se habla español.