Motorcycle accidents

For a motorcycle rider, there’s nothing more freeing than the sensation of two wheels on the open road. Unfortunately, other drivers are often distracted or simply not paying attention when driving near motorcycles—and that can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

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Causes for Motorcycle Accidents
No matter how safe riders are on their motorcycles, there are still many factors that can lead to accidents, such as:
Inattentive Drivers
The low profiles of motorcycles compared to cars and trucks makes them more difficult for many drivers to see—especially those who aren’t paying close attention to their surroundings. Each year, thousands of motorcycle accidents are caused  by drivers turning in front of motorcycles because they don’t see them.
Road Hazards
State and local governments are responsible for keeping roadways in good condition and free from hazards like potholes and loose asphalt or gravel, which can be dangerous for riders.
Poor Communication
Riders often travel together in groups, but these groups must practice good communication to prevent riders from colliding or moving into other riders’ lanes of travel.


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